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About Me

Like so many of us in the Pacific Northwest, I love the outdoors! Recently, I had to get rid of my bed and instead of spending money on yet another 'thing', I decided that getting to be closer to nature would be way better than a new bed. I ended up buying snow gear instead. :) The joy I experience in the mountains has been totally worth it!

I love to make food and I'm an adventurous chef. I cook more by feel than by recipe, throwing a little of this and a little of that into the pot. I enjoy making beer and some of my brews wind up pretty tasty!

My dogs are a big part of my life. If you should meet me out on the trails, River and Mooney aren't far behind. They both love to hike and roam the forests even more than I do, and they are very snuggly in a tent on a cold wilderness night.

I suppose none of that makes me sound much different than every other guy in Portland. But what I do think sets me apart is the passion and enthusiasm I bring to everything in my life that gives me joy. It is what makes my life wonderful and shines in my work too.


I’m a trail ultra marathoner with my distance of choice being the 100 mile events. I started working with Jesse following meniscus surgery to help rehabilitate my knee. As my knee got stronger Jesse began working on the rest of my body and the results were amazing. He was able to free up the tightness in my hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. This allowed me to have a more fluid gate and be able to open up my stride for more speed. Even loosening up my shoulders to allow a more fluid arm swing has been beneficial. The proof – I just placed 29th out of almost 800 runners in a high altitude 100 mile event in Colorado setting a personal record. I highly recommend the body work and stretching that Jesse provides. He is an invaluable partner in my fitness!

- Micheal McCarthy